DormStyler does Africa Part III

8 Aug

More from the Bush…

(1) Beautiful sunset in Krueger (2) Elephant herd (with babies!!) by the river (3) Casual White Rhino (4) Leopard with kill in lower left-hand corner… enough nature to make anyone want to become a vegetarian (5) Warthog family–if Puma wasn’t enough, these little guys are actually completely adorable… just look at those little baby piglets with their mama (6) Optical illusion to make Bro look like he’s frolicking with the Meerkats (7) Realistic shot (8) Young Lion pride in the Kalahari (9) Young Lion lounging in the shade (10) Lola… we miss her dearly! (11) Young Lion pride from Krueger (12) Elephant Bulls knocking down trees and being bad asses


2 Responses to “DormStyler does Africa Part III”

  1. Ana de la Fabian August 11, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    Good pictures, this really was a wonderfull vacation, never thought I would live to see it. Love u abela


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