Life Lately: Weekend Edition

4 Jul

Two weekends ago, I went South to Martha’s Vineyard for a quick getaway with my college friends. It was absolutely fantastic, and although the week had been rainy and cold, the sun finally came out for us. Then, this past weekend, my mama came into town to visit the BF and I–and spoiled us rotten with days full of eating out and exploring Boston. We both miss her already!


Photos include: (1) mama taking BF and I out to church where we ordered those delicious Vanity cocktails (2) the BF got a paintbrush with his baby-back ribs and (3) the homemade carrot cake I made for my mom (with help from my kitchenaid) cake recipe here (sans pineapple and rasins) cream cheese frosting recipe here. Lets just say, it was a hit.

 And WHILE my mom was here in Boston this is what happened to my house:

If you’ve been living in a hole this week: DC proper got hit by a HUGE thunder storm and 1.5 million (including my family) have been without power since last Friday (6/29) luckily for us, no one was hurt—except of course for this old tree


One Response to “Life Lately: Weekend Edition”

  1. Mom July 4, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I miss you too! And I hate to say it but I think our house is at the end of the line to be repaired because those downed wires are just connected to our lone house. On the bright side (no pun) there will be a lot more sunlight in the garden and I can start shopping in the section for sunny perrenials instead of always trolling the hosta aisles. Happy 4th my dears. Love

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