Etsy Find: TheWordShop

25 Apr

Ever since signing the apartment lease, I’ve been dying to decorate it.

Calm down, I know.

My kitchen at home has a painting of pigs… now, I’m sure that sounds really weird, but it’s this very simple black and white painting of two hogs. My mother, in all her ironic glory, bought it because we don’t actually eat pork in the house… so instead she added her own version of pork to the kitchen. Good one, mom!

I should probably bite my tongue, because looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… As my quest for apartment decorations continues, I keep thinking of what we will add to our little kitchen. I saw these prints on my fave site Esty and just had to feature them. I love all the butcher chart prints–especially of the exotic animals. Gosh, who wouldn’t want to know what piece of a Dodo they’re eating?

TheWordShop has some amazing prints. BUT it gets better. The owners of this shop also own KeepCalmShop which features my favorite: Keep Calm and Drink Champagne. How fabulous is that?



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