Weekend Recap

14 Mar

I spent Friday in Boston and it was spectacular.

If you read my previous post, you know that last Friday I trekked down to beantown with a group of my college friends to see the Celtics play the Trail Blazers. If you’ve read ALL of my posts, you will know that I kinda front when it comes to being a sports fan. Yeah, you could say that I like the whole “athletic” part of the game… but they’re really just a great social experiment. All things considered, it was a blow out game; the Celts won 104 to 86 and the only reason the Trail Blazers got 86 points was because we put in our bench warmers at the end. Don’t I actually sound what I’m talking about?

Anyways, the game itself was only supplementary to how great it felt to be back in Boston. We went to Fajitas and Ritas near the Commons for dinner. It was absolutely amazing. Not only was the food cheap, but it was delicious. The BF and I split a Chicken Fajita platter for two… which consisted of nearly 20 chicken breasts… what group of two can eat ten chicken fajitas each? Crazy stuff. Luckily I was at a table of hungry college guys, so it wasn’t too big of an issue. Plus the restaurant was located right next to my favorite used book store (Brattle Books) and one of my favorite restaurants (Max and Dylans) so it really felt like I was living there again… sans the hot summer weather.

So you get it. I loved being back in Boston. I cannot wait to move there in June.



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