Returning to My Happy Place

8 Mar

Dear Boston, it’s been far too long. I’ve missed you.

You’ve probably forgotten all about my one true love, since all I do is talk about the brutal and ugly winters in Maine… But tomorrow I’m going Boston and I couldn’t be more excited

I’ve been looking back through my posts of Boston (namely here and here) to help me write this post. It seems as though I was living in that little studio apartment on Kelton Street ages ago, and to think that my NEXT move to Boston will be closer to my last makes me feel all nostalgic and distant. But enough of the sob story–a group of my college friends and I bought tickets to the Celtics game tomorrow night. We’re making the three hour trek down just to turn around and come back up again. Bummer, I know. Doesn’t anyone know how much I want to go to Charley’s or Zaftig’s  for Brunch? Or a quick stop at JP Licks? I would settle for Starbucks if it meant I got to see the Boston skyline mugs they sell. I mean can I at least get on the Green Line once?

I retract that last statement–I would be perfectly happy never having to ride the Green (B) Line again. That said, I cannot wait to be back in Boston even if it means rush hour traffic at 5:00pm as we drive in for the game.

One Response to “Returning to My Happy Place”

  1. Styler of Dorms March 9, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    Did you know that they have cold winters in Boston??????????

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