Super Bowl XLVI

5 Feb

I blame myself one-hundred percent. I totally jinxed myself early on in September when I cursed the day the lockout got sorted out. Not only have the BF’s favorite team made it to the playoffs… they made it to the Super Bowl.  I’m pretty much in a lose/lose situation. The Pats lose and the BF will be grumpy all week, watching the losing plays over and over again. BUT if the Pats win all he’ll ever want to do is talk about the winning plays over and over again.

So I’m doing what I do best at Football games… cook. I made a huge list of all these different dishes I wanted to fix up but the boys are insisting on ordering dominoes instead…  so I can only fix up a few dishes.

I was planning on making this Potato Skin dish until I realized (while at the grocery store) that the recipe also calls for a deep fryer. Are you kidding me? Who has deep fryers just hanging out ready to make “restaurant-style potato skins”–they also said to microwave the potatoes which just wouldn’t be practical when there are 20+ hungry boys and one small microwave.

The plan thus far: Cheesy Jalapeno Hot Dip, Football Cupcakes and Buffalo Chicken Wings

Check out all these weird football treats

I find the football cheese ball particularly disturbing… maybe because its covered in bacon?


One Response to “Super Bowl XLVI”

  1. Sharon February 10, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    I watched the game, believe it or not, for the french bulldog- greyhound race for sketcher shoes. I think your party with the 20 starving boys sounded like a good. one. I hope the bf didnt grumble too long about the loss, it was a really good game. your # 1 fan.

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