Winters in Maine…

22 Jan

My college has this crazy, absurd and outright outrageous tradition. The second weekend of second semester the outing club hosts a puddle jump. In Maine. During the day. It’s concept is pretty simple: the pond freezes over, people organize to cut a hole in the middle of the pond, and students VOLUNTARILY jump in. In fact, it’s an unspoken graduation requirement.

If you’ve read any of my post about how much I hate winter–you will be shocked to hear that I have partook in this college tradition not once but TWICE. These are pictures from sophomore year as well as this past year’s puddle jump. My feet are getting cold again just thinking about it…


I guess this is the only time in my life when jumping in freezing water is socially acceptable.


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  1. mom January 22, 2012 at 11:07 pm #


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