The Nautical Life

16 Jan

It’s hard to remember that only a few short months ago I was wearing shorts and tank tops instead of fleece-lined pants and hats. Winter came a little late this year, but has certainly hit us full force–making apparent once again that I did not know what I bargained for when signing myself over to Maine for four years.

As a Mid-Atlantic-er I have very little appreciation for the winter. I often associate Maine with -20 degree weather, icy mornings, and blizzards that bring feet of snow– but know that this association is tragically misleading. One of my sorority sistas and suitemate, Erika is from a seacoast town in Maine called Camden. It’ s really pathetic that I have never been up to her home because I can only imagine how much I would love Camden. I’m going to add that to my second semester check list right now. When I think of Maine I think of snow–when she thinks of Maine she thinks of her beautiful hometown and the seacoast that she grew up on.

Remember when I posted on bringing your home with you wherever you go–and adding tidbits of home when you move to college? Well, Erika does just that. I snagged some pics from her room this afternoon to share how artistically and creatively she incorporates Camden in her room. It just makes me want to spend all day collecting sea glass.

My favorite are the open frames with fragments of seashells and sea glass glued on. I’m totes copying her. And speaking of copying her, I have already started filling little mason jars with champagne and wine corks (as seen in the top picture). It’s such a simple way to add character!

Also–Did you spot the Hunger Games in the photo? It’s safe to say that Suite 343 is obsessed


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