Home for the Holidays… Sort Of

20 Dec

Only I would catch a terrible cold the minute I step into my house for winter break. I mean, seriously. I’m finally free from the stress of school, finals and thesis only to be sequestered to my bed for the next few days. I have been chugging water like a mad woman and popping decongestants to get better before I fly to New Hampshire for Christmas! I suppose this snapshot of my nightstand highlights the ridiculous amounts of fluids I’ve been consuming.

If you remember my post about summer lists–having a list of a million trillion things I want to do and completing only a couple of them–well, let me say winter break is no different… only condensed timing. In between my travel-filled break: New Hampshire for Christmas with the BF –> Florida –> New York (for new years!)–> Home for 5 days –> Back to School I made a list of all the things I wanted to do including:

  1. Reread all the Harry Potter Books (I’m in the middle of the 5th)
  2. Make at least two new high-waisted skirts (including one midi skirt made out of silk taffeta)
  3. Knit myself a new winter hat
  4. Catch up with old friends
  5. Try at least four new recipes

So far I only have the HP goal under control… the rest are slipping out of my hands already.


One Response to “Home for the Holidays… Sort Of”

  1. Rose December 21, 2011 at 2:17 am #

    im sorry youre sick! leave the knitting for bates and we can having knitting parties 🙂


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