DIY DormStyler

13 Dec

I just want to put it out there that I tried hiring my mom to be my guest blogger during exam week but she denied. Instead, she’s been spending hours upon hours on this cookie blog and sending me care packages of her treats. According to my spies (my little sisters) my mother has been churning out three batches of cookies PER WEEK. Crazy.

Anyways, last weekend I had my own little  do-it-yourself project in my dorm room. I’ve been pining for some cap toe shoes but I’m waiting for cheaper versions to come out. If you’re dying to buy me a pair, look here, here, and here  in a women’s size 6.  If I had no shopping conscience I swear I would have 100+ more pairs of shoes than I already do. And no I haven’t counted how many I do own… I’m too afraid to… Back on topic–So one of my fave blogs Because I’m Addicted posted this DIY Cap Toe Boot post and I just had to try it out. As luck would have it, the pair of shoes featured on the blog were on sale for $28 dollars + free shipping (since have gone back up in price). So obviously I was going to buy those. I should have taken a closer look, because it was only when they arrived that I realized the heel was 5 inches tall. I went through with the project and absolutely loved the outcome. It was so simple too, all you need is (1) white acrylic paint (2) paint brush–I used those weird sponge types from the craft store (3) clear gloss finish spray and VOILA you have cap toe boots that make you 5’7 and borderline break your ankles.





Although these boots are not exactly practical for everyday college life, they are pretty sweet.  But most importantly they made me realize how awesome it would be to actually be 5’7 and not 5’2 with five inch heels…



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