My Double Life as a Party Planner

20 Oct

Sorry summer-babies for missing out, but birthday celebrations at college are simply the best. October has been a very busy birthday month for my group of friends; namely because my roomie AND my BF turned 22 this month. Obviously I’ve been a busy party planner. KME got together to throw my roomie/suite mate a low key party. We had all her favorite bases covered: crackers, cheese, goldfish, chocolate/peanut butter cake, candy corn and her all time fave CARROT CAKE. Unfortunately between school work and being a social butterfly I was too busy to make homemade carrot cake cupcakes (I use this cake and this frosting recipe) so I had to go to grocery store as a last resort. Luckily, she didn’t mind that the carrot cake was 1 part cake and 3 parts icing. Dodged that bullet.

13 days later the BF turned 22. I surprised him with tickets to the New Hampshire October Brewfest in Portsmouth. If you’re a beer snob you can look at the official beer line up here. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon in New England to be outside even if we were consuming cold beverages the whole time. After a day of “taking a sip and dumping the rest” beer tasting we returned to campus for his BYOS (bring your own sombrero) fiesta. I just love celebrating birthdays even I get a little too carried away with decorations, invitations, etc… There are worse things to obsess over, right? Next October, it will be infinitely harder to get all the BFFs together for such fun birthday celebrations. Is it bad that I miss college already and I haven’t even graduated?

Here are a few shots from the two birthday bashes and brewfest


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