Dear Irene…

27 Aug

I’m the type of person that goes back-to-school shopping in June. Everyone knows the shelves will be empty if you try to buy school supplies the day before school starts. But here I am, the eve before a Hurricane, completely and utterly unprepared–and worse, I’m babysitting my youngest sister. My parents, on the other hand, prepared exceptionally well for this natural disaster. My mom’s flight from Tahoe scheduled to arrive tonight has been cancelled so she will have to spend a few more days relaxing. My dad and 16 year old sister are scheduled to fly back from Africa tomorrow–but they thought ahead–so will probably be spending a day or two in some European country on an extended layover.

I never felt more like the kid who goes to Staples the night before school as I did today. And just like the kid who has to buy the ugly color notebook… I couldn’t buy anything to prepare my house for the storm. After going to two grocery stores AND target, I came out with peanut butter, cereal, and soup. Not a single D+ battery or bottle of water. Of course, there was purified baby water still available, but I politely declined.

Moral of the story: be prepared. Second moral: always pack a rain coat.


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