Sisterhood of The Snail Mail

25 Aug

Remember how exciting it was to receive invitations in the mail? It seems like once you leave for school, the only invitations you receive are fundraising events from the college–which are hardly exciting. My newest art project seeks to bring back the joy of snail mail to the collegiate nightlife.

My school doesn’t have sororities or fraternities. GASP, I know. Although I never considered myself a sorority girl in the least, I’ve become a little envious of sisterhood crew neck sweatshirts, koozies, and all types of accessories. But who needs to be part of an accredited sorority anyways? My five closest girl friends (who are also my suite mates!) and I have started our own sorority: Kappa Mu Epsilon–the combination of all our first initials. KME is also a mathematic honor society founded in 1930 which is extremely fitting for six humanity majors. Welcome to the sisterhood of math geeks!

All it took was some serious tracing, colored pens and a little creativity. I really hope that we use these little invitations once the school year begins. Our sorority flower has become the Mum simply because it was the only flower stamp I had in my house. Also, please don’t show up at our suite this Saturday at 9:30, the party has been postponed.

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