Etsy Find: Vintage Maps

24 Aug

I think I’m starting to see a pattern here… I have a slight obsession with topographical home decor. First, Ork Posters then Etsy Heartstring Pillows… and now, Stories Divinations vintage maps. Although the majority of my previous posts have been about Boston, my yearning for meaningful decorations spans beyond my summers in the Commonwealth State.  For the past four years, Maine has been my home away from home, and it boggles my mind to think that in nine short months I will be graduating from college. Although I have NO intention of ever living in Maine again (sorry, the winters are simply dreadful), I know that the college chapter of my life will forever be tied to Vacationland. For this reason, I have been searching for  a perfect vintage map of this large–and dare I say–beautiful state.

Stories Divinations has a wonderful collection of maps taken from old atlases. I believe this one is from a 1939 Atlas–so cool. Additionally, they have some very neat notebooks and old recipe journals from the 50s. I highly recommend checking them out.


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