Dorm-Friendly Jewelry Storage: Part II

21 Aug

Now that I have left the corporate world (oh how I miss you, Keds) I have been spending a lot more time preparing for school. This summer I realized I have far more jewelry than my little Target jewelry box can hold so I’ve been looking for even more ways to store jewelry in my dorm room. Here are a few more organization options for those of you who carry a lot of bling.

1. Bird Jewelry Dish from Pottery Barn priced at $19

2. Bling Hangit from The Container Store priced at $9.99.

3. “Classic” Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn Teens priced at $35. Available in Black and Robin Egg Blue. Personalized monograms available!

4. Mirror Shelf Jewelry Holder from Urban Outfitters priced at $39, available exclusively online.

5. Grooved Acrylic Jewelry Stands from The Container Store; necklace stand priced at $9.99 and bracelet stand at $7.99.

6. Kaleidoscope Jewelry Stand from Urban Outfitters priced at $34.


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