Think Before You Shop

5 Aug

I make lists on a daily basis. I just can’t help it–they’re so organized and neat and look great with little boxes next to them for me to check off!  I’m a little list-obsessive… But I’ve put my addiction to good use and created these two shopping lists for those of you going off to school for the first time:



“All the Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand, But Didn’t”

Shopping List:

  1.  Mini Stapler. Most professors will not accept papers that aren’t stapled. So be prepared!
  2. Stationary and Stamps to write/mail checks (don’t forget your checkbook!)
  3. Lights, lights, lights. Dorm Lighting is generally awful!
  4. Tool Box–I’m not kidding, you’ll use it.
  5. Surge protectors and three-prong extension cords
  6. A USB drive. This bad boy has saved my butt (and my grades) countless times
  7. A Duster. Trust me on this one
  8. Storage that fits UNDER your bed.
  9. Zip Lock Bags
  10. It’s killing me that I don’t have a 10th item to make this list even.



“All the Things I Thought I Needed, But Never Used”

Anti-Shopping List

  1. Fabric Softener–just buy the Detergent with Downy
  2. an Iron
  3. Flashlights… dorms have generators
  4. Trash Can. They’re supplied 99.9% of the time
  5. Alarm Clock. You’ll probably have your phone near you at night
  6. A Robe. Towels work just fine after a shower
  7. Your favorite books from home. Maybe you loved The Great Gatsby in highschool but you’ll never read it in college
  8. A Sleeping Bag



Word of Advice: WAIT.

If you don’t know the layout, lighting, or type of furniture in the room, don’t be an anxious little bee buying risers, standing lights, and curtains. Different dorms have different amenities built-in. I advise you to buy the necessities: comforter, pillows, etc beforehand but everything else can be purchased after




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