Top Pick: Ork Posters

25 Jul

It’s hard to stay true to the mission of this blog during the summer vacation. At times I feel so grown up—cooking myself dinner, going to work five days a week—that I forget that come September I will have the privilege of being a college student for one more year! Another year of eggshell-colored walls means another year of endless decorative possibilities. Although my home is in DC, I keep thinking of ways to bring Boston with me wherever I go—because as much as I’ve tried to fight it, I have grown to love Massachusetts.

I have been on the hunt for a (reasonably priced) Boston poster ever since I lived there last summer. I was in the market for a sleek and stylish print that reminded me of my time there, not of Faneuil Hall or the Boston Harbor.  This February I finally got my hands what I was looking for when I visited my brother and his girlfriend in New York City. Just around the corner from his apartment in Murray Hill was this little print shop that had BOSTON posters. Go figure. As it turns out, the woman behind Ork Posters had the same problem I did—she was looking for a simple topographical print of Chicago and when she couldn’t find one that fit her simplistic taste, she made one herself. I could rave about the story behind Ork Posters forever, but I would probably lose your attention. Check it out yourself here if you’re interested!

Ork City Neighborhood prints make a wonderful gift for any college student that has an affiliation to city. They have over 15 city prints including The Twin Cities, The Great Lakes, Seattle, New Orleans, Vancouver and Washington, DC.  I absolutely love my Boston print and know that it will be with me forever as a reminder of my summers in here.


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