Piece of (Cheese) Cake

21 Jul

This past weekend my boyfriend went to visit his grandparents in Florida, leaving me to fend for myself in the little apartment. I wanted to welcome him home with a dazzlingly clean apartment–swept floor, sparkling windows, and no dirty dishes. But most of all, I wanted to bake him something absolutely delightful. I don’t much have the patience for baking from scratch… nor do I have the ingredients or tools in my small one-bedroom summer apartment.

Being a lactard and all, I knew that a giant cheesecake would just not be worth it. Plus it would never be finished. Keebler (the little elf guy) has these great mini cheesecake crusts. There are six in a packet, and priced at $2.99 you really can’t beat it! Their website also provides you with this super easy recipe, that anyone of any baking ability could make with ease. I omitted the second half of the recipe that called for a “sour cream toping” and it still came out great. I added fresh bluberries to half of the mini cheesecakes for some summer variety, and just like that I was a star baker.

This recipe was so easy, and because the crust came premade it’s a recipe that can easily be done in the kitchen of your dorm. I will DEFINITELY be using this recipe and these cute Keebler crusts in the future.

One Response to “Piece of (Cheese) Cake”

  1. dormstyler number 1 fan July 22, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    “The boyfriend” here… the cheesecakes were delicious! Especially the ones with the blueberries.

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