Get into the Holiday Spirit… All Year Long

7 Jul

Christmas lights or “Holiday Lights” for those of you who are religiously sensitive, are perhaps the only dorm room decoration that spans across genders. You find strands of these bad boys all over college campuses, and why not? They add so much character to any room. The picture above is taken from my apartment this summer; my boyfriend and I added them above the French doors to the kitchen in our studio. However, buyers beware: the character added by these little gleaming lights can readily be diminished with a few light faux-pas:

1. Don’t buy the Christmas Lights with the green strands like these. Yeah, they’re probably cheaper, but they are not aesthetically pleasing. Plus, your dorm wall are probably painted a nice eggshell white, courtesy of the physical plant.. so splurge and buy the white stranded ones, you won’t regret it.

2. You can ruin the look of hanging christmas lights easily. Besides the god-awful green ones (which were meant for trees, not walls) Duct tape is the second biggest culprit. If you’re going to have metallic silver tape on your walls holding up little dinky lights, then why even bother putting up the lights in the first place? My freshman year I found these at the Container Store and have been hooked (no pun intended) ever since. These little, clear clips make hanging lights around the room so much easier and are totally worth the 5 dollars. More importantly, a pack gives you nearly 50 little clips, so you can save them for future decorating projects.

Below is a picture taken from my sophomore year dorm room to illustrate how nice white lights can look. This was taken at a themed “girl’s night in” party in which we wore dresses and had an “international” wine tasting. Bottles under 5 dollars from Australia, Italy, and California were three of our destinations. We added the finishing touch of class with a bright red Solo cup, which can be purchased here.


One Response to “Get into the Holiday Spirit… All Year Long”

  1. Leigh August 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    love the blog! and fond memories from the photo!!

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